Latest news from the Massachusetts Forest Alliance

Help Track Winter Moths

Have you seen moths flying around during late fall or early winter, or have you seen moths gathered at your porchlight? You could be seeing an invasive species known as winter moth.  In mid-to-late fall, at a time of year where insect activity is practically at a standstill, these small brown winter moths will be seen across the eastern half of the state, sometimes congregating at porch lights by the hundreds. (more…)

Mass Wildlife to Hold 3 Habitat Improvement Tours in December

The Division of Fisheries & Wildlife will hold 3 tours in mid December showing planned and ongoing work to improve wildlife and rare species habitat.  Tours will be held at the Farmington River Wildlife Management Area in Becket & Otis on December 15th, the Frances Crane & Quashnet Woods WMAs in Falmouth & Mashpee on December 18th, and the Montague Plains WMA in Montague on December 19th. (more…)

Statewide Ash Borer Quarantine Now in Effect

The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) has instituted a state-wide Massachusetts quarantine on the movement of ash logs, lumber, trees and all hardwood firewood to help slow the spread of the invasive Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). Such materials may be transported without restriction in Massachusetts but may only be moved out of state where a similar quarantine exists. (more…)

Mass Wildlife to hold timber showings, foresters education tour of planned habitat improvement cuts in Montague & Hardwick October 9th

Mass Wildlife will be holding competitive bids for timber, firewood and chipwood for two timber harvests aimed at restoring important fire-adapted ecosystems in Montague and Hardwick. The timber harvests are aimed at reducing the fuel loads at the Montague Plains Wildlife Management Area in Montague and Muddy Brook Wildlife Management Area in Hardwick as a critical first step to allow prescribed burning in those fire-adapted ecosystems that provide habitat for multiple rare species, including moths and butterflies, as well as game birds like American woodcock and ruffed grouse, and songbirds like whip-poor-wills, brown thrashers, and Eastern towhees. (more…)

Ash Borer Quarantine Comment Period Ends October 14th

The Department of Conservation & Recreation will be considering comments on a proposed quarantine on the movement of ash logs, firewood and products after the highly destructive invasive insect, Emerald Ash Borer, was found at Arnold Arboretum in Boston during the summer. A public meeting on the Emerald Ash Borer in Massachusetts was held at the Arnold Arboretum on September 23, 2014. The deadline for public comments on the proposed quarantine in October 14, 2014. (more…)