Latest news from the Massachusetts Forest Alliance

Foresters for the Birds Now Available to Landowners Statewide

Modeled on a successful program in Vermont, DCR’s Foresters for the Birds Program provides landowners with information about bird habitat on their land, and recommendations about how to enhance it in conjunction with other forest management goals.

Originally available to landowners in 35 towns with Northern Hardwood forest habitats, the program has now been expanded to be available for landowners throughout Massachusetts. (more…)

Massachusetts Town Forest Conference in North Brookfield September 25th

The 2016 Massachusetts Town Forest Conference will be held at the North Brookfield Elementary School in North Brookfield on Sunday, September 25th, from 9 am to 4 pm

Engaging speakers will present a local historical perspective on forests and farms; including examples of successful town forest projects in North Brookfield. Stephen Long, author of Thirty Eight: the Hurricane that Transformed New England, will discuss the changes in local forests due to the hurricane. Ed Lonergan will give a second presentation on the history of North Brookfield’s Quaboag Plantation. (more…)

SAF Oak Regeneration Workshop in New Salem September 29th

The Massachusetts Chapter of the New England SAF will hold an Oak Regeneration following Group Selection and Patch Cutting: Mixed Success in Different Forest Types silvicultural workshop to discuss different strategies available to land managers on Thursday, September 29th, from 1 to 6:30 pm in New Salem, MA.

The workshop will examine two adjacent stands where essentially the same treatment was employed at the same time, by the same operator, and subject to the same deer browse, yet resulted in dramatically different regeneration. Regeneration in one stand is nearly solid black birch. Regeneration in the other stand has a diverse mix of hardwood and softwood, including a significant representation of white, black and red oak. (more…)

Mass Wildlife to Hold Habitat Tours in September & October

MassWildlife Ecologists and Foresters will lead a series of habitat site walks on state lands to highlight active habitat management projects in recent years.

These management projects and others scheduled for the future are aimed at improving habitat for rare and declining animals and plants along with game animals. These walks allow the public to learn about the management being done on state lands, to learn why different management practices are chosen, and to understand the resulting impacts on wildlife. Landowners interested in managing their property for wildlife may find these habitat walks particularly useful. (more…)

Gypsy Moth Defoliation Hits 350,000 Acres – Worst Since 1981

Aerial mapping by the Department of Conservation & Recreation has shown that 352,774 acres of woodlands were defoliated by gypsy moth feeding this year – the largest outbreak since 1981. In 2015, defoliation from gypsy moths hit just 38,000 acres of trees.

Defoliation was widespread in some areas of Cape Cod and eastern Hampden and southern Worcester counties, with the moths stripping oaks, maples, apples, birches and other hardwoods, and even softwoods such as spruce and pine of their leaves and needles. (more…)